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We are not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the designers and brands we stock.

The use in this website and/or in related promotional print or video material of trademarked names (registered and unregistered) and images is strictly for descriptive purposes, and no commercial claim to their use, or suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement, is made by Two Wild Hearts Hire Co. 


By hiring from Two Wild Hearts Hire Co, you are accepting and consenting to the practices in these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time at our sole discretion.


1. Appointments/Bookings

1a) Appointments to try garments on must be arranged in advance and are only available for Adelaide based clients. There are no set opening hours.

1b) Appointments are 30 minutes maximum unless otherwise arranged.

1c) Bookings can be made via our website bookings & enquiries tab or email at twowildhearts@outlook.com

1d) Bookings can only be accepted once these terms and conditions are agreed to, along with a completed and signed copy of a Booking form. A copy of valid ID with current address, and a valid mobile phone number, must also be provided to Two Wild Hearts Co at the time of booking.

1e) In addition to the above, bookings are only secured once payment has been received in full by Two Wild Hearts Hire Co. 


2. Bond

2a) A bond equivalent to the hire fee is required for the hire of all garments. This is payable upon booking unless otherwise negotiated with Two Wild Hearts Hire Co. This bond shall be refunded upon return of the garment/s in a condition acceptable to Two Wild Hearts Hire Co in our sole discretion.

3. Pricing/Payment

3a) The price to hire each garment shall be Two Wild Hearts Hire Co current price, at the date of booking of the garment, according to our website.
3b) Two Wild Hearts Hire Co reserves the right to change the price at our sole discretion.
3c) Payment may be made via bank deposit or Paypal as agreed to between Two Wild Hearts Hire Co and the client.
3d) Payment will only be accepted once the amount has been honoured, cleared or recognised. 
3e) All prices advertised are denominated in Australian Dollars.


4. Delivery of Garments for Interstate Customers
4a) If interstate delivery of the Garment via post is required, Two Wild Hearts Hire Co use an Express Delivery Service, operated by Australia Post (see Australia Post's Terms and Conditions). Express Delivery is a guaranteed next business day delivery within the Express Post network only. If the delivery location is outside of the Express Post network, it will take more than one business day and Two Wild Hearts Hire Co has no control over this. Our shipping fee is a flat $30.00. This fee includes the delivery to you, and the return back to us (in a pre-paid satchel provided to you).

4b) Any delivery time or date given by Two Wild Hearts Hire Co to the client is an estimate only. Clients must still accept delivery of the garment even if late, and Two Wild Hearts Hire Co will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the client as a result of the delivery being late.


5. Returns and Late Fees

5a) All garments must be returned on the date as agreed to on the Booking form – our standard hire term is three days unless otherwise negotiated with Two Wild Hearts Hire Co.

5b) For interstate customers, the garment must be posted using the return postage bag provided in your satchel. It must be posted by 11.00am on the date agreed to on the Booking form.

5c) Where the garment has not been returned to Two Wild Hearts Hire Co by the agreed hire return date then Two Wild Hearts Hire Co shall be entitled to charge additional hire fees until the garment is returned. The client expressly authorises Two Wild Hearts Hire Co to charge such additional hire fees. Such additional charges shall be charged a fixed rate of $25.00 for each day overdue deducted from the bond.

5d) If the garment/s are not returned within 4 days of the expected return date, Two Wild Hearts Hire Co will consider the garments as non-returned, if there is no further contact with the client the client’s information will be passed on to police. 

5e) Please contact Two Wild Hearts Hire Co immediately if there are any delays with returning the garment(s) or if you would like to extend the hire period. 


6. Dry Cleaning/Fair Wear and Tear/Damage

6a) Two Wild Hearts Hire Co takes care of the cleaning of garments between hires and these costs are included in the hire price. The client agrees that they will not attempt to clean, press, alter or repair the garment.

6b) Two Wild Hearts Hire Co understand the occurrence of minor wear and tear of garments. In any event that the garment is stained/damaged we advise the Client to contact Two Wild Hearts Hire Co as soon as possible. Two Wild Hearts Hire Co will take care of any cleaning necessary, and stress to the client to communicate any concerns immediately for our assistance. In any event that the garment is damaged beyond minor wear and tear or is excessively dirty, the Client will be required to pay an additional fee which will be determined in our sole discretion.

6c) If the garment is damaged beyond repair the Client will be liable to pay for replacement of the item. In assessing the replacement value, Two Wild Hearts Hire Co will take into account, the demand of that dress in the market, the availability to purchase that dress in the market, the condition of the dress, and the hire fee that the Client has already paid.  

7. Condition of Garments

7a) The Client shall inspect the garment on pickup/delivery and notify of any alleged defect, damage, failure to comply with what was ordered.

7b) The Client acknowledges that the garment(s) which they are hiring from Two Wild Hearts Hire Co may not be in original condition and may have minor wear and tear.

8. Cancellations/Refunds/Changes to Availability

8a) In the event a secured booking is cancelled, only the postage fees and bond will be refunded to the Client. Hire fees in connection with the booking are strictly non refundable. 

8b) If the garment becomes unavailable (due to damage or late return by another client), Two Wild Hearts Hire Co will notify the Client as soon as reasonably possible. In that event, the Client can either hire another garment or have the debited funds refunded in full.